Fire Pits and Fun

Apparently M1 just broke up with her newest boyfriend. Tonight initially boytoy said M1 wanted time alone and he had to work could I take Baby S overnight. Did I want to no but I don’t want him to lose his job because my daughter goes off on these tangents of “I don’t wanna parent for a night.”

Anyway they get here and I find out I was lied to boytoy was not working tomorrow. well tonight into tomorrow. They both wanted a night off, well boytoy wants to make M1 happy and M1 cannot be made happy. All right whatever I won’t go back on my word for a freaking lie. So Baby S is spending the night.

Baby S asleep on me by the fire.
Tonight M2 made the fire, N held Baby S and I supervised.
Embers in the darkness

So we spent a few hours outside to watch the fire burn and roast marshmallows. The graham crackers my BFF had brought over and left for us to use tasted gross and it turns out that they had expired in 2017. Yep she has a hoarding issue for sure. I told the girls say nothing to her and I would replace them. I explained she meant well so it was important to not say anything hurtful about the fact they tasted weird.

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