Texting Nightmares

You posted that you would pour a bucket of ice water over your boyfriend’s head if you got 100 comments. You are married what boyfriend?

We are separated Yes we’re married but that’s because we can’t afford a divorce. We went our own ways because our relationship is very toxic and we need to work on ourselves before getting back together.

Ok who are you dating? (question answered but not going to reveal)

Yep this is the latest in the M1 saga. Three weeks short of their one year anniversary its over. No I am not surprised. I did laugh at the whole we need to work on ourselves before getting back together bit because how can you do that if you already entered a new relationship. Can you see my eyes rolling at this? I feel for boytoy I do because he has a lot on his plate. He is trying to manage his wife, a job and dreams of the military when he is strapped at all times to care for his daughter. M1 has gone out a few times with friends, boytoy has not. Yes they fight I am sure both are to blame but you running into someone else’s arms just shows me the true extent of your immaturity. You had the kids now you spend time without any leaving them with their father or your mother.

As for the new dude….well he has a son the same age as Baby K and has no custody of him. The court awarded full custody to the mother and he only on occasion sees his father. My guess is tensions ran high and so M1 ran to someone else so that this time when boytoy goes to try for the Navy again she will not have to be alone. Of course this will also end all her plans for moving, having a much improved life or anything past two kids living in rough conditions at best. Uggg not even I can make this many bad decisions in a row this fast and I am pretty talented with that I must be truthful.

I don’t know much about him past the negative I have seen from his events in our lives. He is Baby K’s Godfather and literally walked out in the middle of the Christening and missed the entire thing. Yep that is my interaction with him. I know he has dated at least 3 of M1’s friends and his Facebook page is full of selfies without his shirt on. Not sure if he works, not sure where he lives, pretty sure he smokes weed more than occasionally and frankly don’t care at this point. The selfish part of me was actually happy because now I have even less concern for anyone trying to remove Baby K from me. I have a good relationship with boytoy and I am sure he would fight for me to keep her if they don’t get back together again.

I know I can’t change her mind or make her think about her actions. I am sorry for both of them that they will not work on their relationship but I am not truly sure anyone will ever be able to have a good or long term relationship with my daughter. Yes it does make me sad but reality it what it is. My kid deserves to be loved and feel loved but I am not sure she can get past her need to use then dispose of people.

I will continue to pray for Baby S’ safety and that boytoy can get himself together to reach his dreams. As for my kiddo, well maybe I should pray for her to have some level of maturity.

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