Memorial Day

The real reason for Memorial Day

I lost two friends in Iraqi Freedom. My Commander Phil and his Operations Lieutenant Lou. The deaths hit me hard as they were a fratricide. The one who committed the crime has also died at this point in time. He was my driver (Officers rarely drive) and a long time hater of our Company commander. Now 15 years later the dates of the event still rock my memory. The wives of both men have gone on and gotten married again and are living outside of New York. I don’t blame them, there is too much sadness living in the state where the unit is stationed.

I took some time this morning to reflect, offer a prayer to the families and reflect. After I got the ice, propane and hot dog rolls for our cookout. My friend came over and so did my daughter and husband. Baby K spent the night and came back sunburned. Both parents swear up and down they put on sunscreen “every 20 minutes”. OK you are both scalded, Baby S has sunburn on her head and neck and Baby K has sunburn on her back. No you did not put it on ever couple of minutes.

After we ate I basically kicked my daughter and son in law out of our house. They were trying to spend the day here and after about 20 minutes in the house M1 had gotten everyone pissed off so nope we had plans, we were going to the beach. You are welcome to drive their yourself but no we are not staying home. We did really go to the beach and had more fun in the sand then in the water. The water was super cold and I would have stayed in but Baby K did not want to and she is uber clingy when she spends an overnight with her parents.

M2’s sand castles
M2 and her friend bury N in the sand at N’s request
Baby K also wanted to be buried in the sand.
My sand fish. I know I am quite the artist LOL

A good day overall for sure. M1 and boytoy did not join us at the beach which was probably best. M1 was complaining non stop because apparently Baby K cried for 2 hours straight when boytoy went to work in the morning. My heart broke for K when she said that, poor kid was so upset being left along with her Mom. Ugg what a mess of emotions.

So now we are home and I am sitting with Baby K who is doing the thousand mile stare as she is so tired. We are watching Toy Story and

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