Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow is Memorial Day a typically sad day for me as I remember my two fallen friends Phil and Lou. I will have my daughter and my BFF over tomorrow for a cook out and I will celebrate with my family. On Wednesday though it will be both my BFF’s birthday and my niece’s birthday. My BFF has been working her butt off as she is employed by the county health department so tomorrow she is in for a surprise of sorts.

The cake

The cake is gluten and dairy free as my friend is sensitive to both. It is chocolate which she loves and big enough for everyone if she wishes to share with us. Well with the others, I am not a fan of chocolate. I also have two cases of her favorite sodas as her pre-birthday celebration. Her real present, a bouquet of purple flowers, will arrive at her house on Wednesday. I also ordered two mugs for us to match with:

Our matching mugs (Piper Lou photo)

Yep in purple, her favorite color. Now no I don’t really think everyone else sucks but I know she will laugh and we can have some fun together on any of our trips with your matching mugs.

Now no worries I did not forget my beloved niece. She is turning 8 and is the ONLY niece/nephew who has the exact same hair color I did when I was younger. When my sister first saw it and realized it was my color she called me and exclaimed “OMG favorite sister (our pet name for each other) I am raising a little you but she will be taller thank God.” No it is not an offensive thing no worries. I just clear 5 feet tall and my sister is almost 6 feet so a super short niece would be an oddity for sure. My niece and I have a special bond though and I do enjoy it. So my not so little girl, is getting two sundresses and two rompers to play in for the summer.

I am happy for the birthdays this week despite their closeness to the day of remembrance. I love them both and it is a good distraction when Memorial Day hits and I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with emotions. So Happy Birthday to my niece and BFF. Here is to many more!!!!

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