River Antics

It was sooo hot today. OK maybe it was me but I was quite warm. I wanted to have the girls come down to the river with me so we could have some fun. N refused. She had stolen from me earlier today and I caught her so of course she is not going to come anywhere near me out of guilt I assume. M2 looked at me and said “Mom I can’t go past my knees because….well you know.” Oh right, well nature does play a part with teen girls.

So we ordered pizza from our favorite place and went to bring it home. I stopped at 2 stores, 2 and there were NO MARSHMALLOWS to be found anywhere. Seriously none. I even asked associates and the confirmed nope, nadda, none. Oh well guess no s’mores tonight, hmmm maybe a sign from above I should cut back LOL. We enjoyed dinner and then M2 went to see if her friend could come over. N, despite being asked twice refused to come outside.

I got Baby K into her bathing suit, well the first one didn’t fit she was too long so thankfully I put the next size up last summer so I had one. She and I went down to the river with the faithful dog and geared up for some fun. The last time Baby K was very timid, this time no such issue. She splashed and landed on her bottom a few times but laughed and shrieked for a good long time. At one point our pup knocked her over and dead into the mud on the bank. I picked her up trying not to overreact. She stood up and started yelling at the dog.

I rinsed her off but her head was thick with mud soooo a bath would happen later. We sat and played for long time and the dog kept us company. Yes the water was cold but I was in up to my shins and the baby was up to her knees. I love seeing her so happy. Eventually she got cold so she motioned she wanted to go back to the house. I set her on the bank and climbed out myself. I had to rinse her off and boy oh boy was that water full of mud but at least it was out of her hair and off her body.

Rogue pup before he knocked into Baby K

Yes the above is the river in the back yard. There are a few places you can safely get down into it and enjoy non rocky areas. Where bubby is, in that photo is mostly rocks so we actually go in a bit higher up. We did rinse off and then sat down to watch Toy Story which is Baby K’s favorite movie at this point. Actually I feel a wet spot on my side, must be she fell asleep and is drooling.

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