Social Media Drama

Tonight my sister called me to ask if I had read my daughter’s Facebook posts. Nope I had not. I was celebrating with N and M2 the fact that N won an award for Math in her high school. Too busy being happy to see the crap she posted but my sister is off the wall pissed!!! I told her to breathe and instead focus on her other niece’s accomplishment. She begrudgingly agreed. Here is what M1 posted.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'I pray my child never go through the shit I went through 100'
The actual post from my oldest

Yes it hurts. Yes I am tired of getting trashed on social media but whatever if your life was so crappy why did you give me custody of your daughter. Anyway screw it I am not going to dwell on her crap or sink to her level. Besides I do believe in karma and it will get her in the end.

I then turned my focus to what to get my own Dad for Father’s day. We have an ongoing joke, I get him a Father’s Day gift and he texts me “Happy Father’s Day to my daughter who plays both roles.” It is cute and I laugh each year so we do have fun. I found the following mugs and while I would never get him one (he has plenty) I did find a laugh in them.

After all those years explaining his DAUGHTER not SON was in the Army.
Image may contain: coffee cup, drink and indoor
I laughed waaayyyy to hard at this one and did send him this image just so he could laugh.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Drama

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  1. I’m sorry this happened. For whatever reason the pic from social media won’t load on my phone. I’m not sure what she said but whatever it was I know it’s not true. You’re an amazing mom

      1. That might be about bio family, right? Or maybe her poor choices that led to her current situation? I keep hoping at some point she will acknowledge all that you’ve done for her.

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