More Outside Learning

Today I told the kids we were going outside today to learn something. They grumbled and complained but when I told them s’mores and a tether-ball would be set up they both jumped up to help. Yep I bought a tether-ball for all of us off of ebay. It came today and we installed the base.

The space between the paver and the ground is the base, there is a piece of PVC piping you can barely see, its black.

It took teamwork and a time out to get the hole dug. The hole had to be 8-10″ wide and 12″ deep. Now I have never actually mixed rapid dry concrete so today we all learned something. N and I started to dig the hole than M2 said she wanted to dig with her hands. I told her she could but then N got mad at how slow it was going so she tried to make M2 stop. M2 started swearing so I pulled N aside and said “You know what you have watched me a bunch camping and here in the pit. You make the fire tonight.”

N’s whole face lit up. I told her I would stand close by to make sure she was doing all that she was supposed to and obviously for safety sake. It took a bit of doing but she did actually get it going. Here is the fire N got going tonight.

N did a really nice job of minding the fire and keeping it going while M2 and I dug the hole. After awhile it was just me digging as 12″ is a lot deeper than my kids have the patience to dig. When the hole was deep enough, both helped me pour and mix the cement. We set the PVC pipe and weighted it down so it would not pop up again. We smoothed out the concrete allowing the excess water to drain away right onto Baby K and N’s pants LOL.

We had fun cooking the marshmallows again tonight which was good because for the next two nights it is supposed to rain. We decided to make tin foil dinners on Sunday night as N is going to respite this weekend. They were both happy to hear that as they love tin foil dinners when we camp. Hopefully the concrete dries by Saturday too so we can put the pole up and start to have them whack it out. Of course I might have to put the fence around the pond first as Baby K has a bad habit of making a beeline for it, especially when she heard the frogs tonight.

Another fun and uneventful night so that is good. We are super tired though from all the work and the multiple trips up and down the hill for supplies and evening fun spot, oh well it was worth it.

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