Taking Time to Chill

Baby K and M2 cooking marshmallows.
The star and moon on the right side were from the setting sun coming through the cutouts on the pit.
Getting dark but embers still aglow.

It had been rainy and chilly a lot this past week so today it was finally nice enough to enjoy the fire so we did just that. We all sat down and talked about nothing in particular and roasted marshmallows. Yes N was there but she was chasing the dog when I pulled out my camera. Baby K liked roasting the marshmallows but did not want to eat them. She must have fed the dog 3 before we caught her doing it and cut her off.

We had a good time chilling and I made a point of not talking about anything that was school or work related. We talked about previous camping trips, why we don’t try the things that we view on You Tube and other non important but fun things. I was grateful that N joined us because she has been a bit of a pill lately. Super glad we took the time to do nothing in particular in the midst of all this craziness.

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