Making Memories

OK yes I get it the pandemic is hard on all of us. Take care of yourself, take care of your kids, I get it. None of this is working for me and I was in the military I can function in constant stress. I am NOT made to be a Mom, school teacher, day care worker, state trainer and friend all at the EXACT SAME TIME!!!!! Yes I have whittled down the daily to do list to make it manageable but cripes my emotions are all over the place because of this. On top of it my freaking knee swelled up again. Thankfully telemed is in place and so I didn’t have to go anywhere. The news from the doc was not good, once it starts to interfere with my quality of life I need replacement knee surgery. In the meantime I have to lose “about 20 pounds to make a big difference” Yes I am overweight but guess what Doc I was 35 lbs heavier last year I am working on it.

Sigh, ok rewind and cool the heck off. Let us make some memories. All right my kids need life skills because realistically neither will ever live independently or without supervision. I have them pick a dinner to cook one night a week so I get two nights “off” from cooking. I had them make masks to appreciate how to make things from hand. Yes challenging but you could tell they were proud of themselves. The weather got nice and yep you guessed it outside to make a fire pit. Learn about danger of fire, fire spread and additional pointer on how to stay safe while having fun.

Around the fire pit tonight we talked about how camping most likely was not going to happen because of the current world situation. Suddenly M2 looked at me and said wait so you built the fire pit so we could pretend we are camping? I laughed no I like camp fires and that is why I did it but we could do some of our “camp cooking” on the pit if we wanted to. We talked about making the tin foil dinners and maybe cooking the pasta again. Yes my kids know how to do this on a fire because camping is something we do regularly. Meanwhile we roasted marshmallows and had a low key time which I will have to do more often to make sure we all stay pretty chill.

N is roasting her marshmallow.

So tonight we did it earlier in the evening with almost full daylight. Tomorrow after TKD in the basement, I might do another fire so I can just sit by it which is what I like to do the best. I love watching a fire crackle, not sure why but I do. I will get some bigger firewood as the sticks we used burned quickly. The kids might want to do smores again but we ran out of everything but marshmallows so I might have to go shopping first.

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