Home Projects

The pseudo good part about all the time at home is that without having to go each night to tae kwon do there is actually time to do the handful of projects I had been wanting to do for awhile. I started to take down the falling apart fence and stack it on the side. I have cut down some brush that was overgrown in the front and trimmed one of my unruly plants.

So today when I had no TKD practice, some daylight and good temps in my favor I started the pet project of mine which is building an area for a fire pit. I had made a little extra money from the overtime so I bought one I really liked. Ok it wasn’t my dream pit but even I can’t justify over a thousand dollars for a stand alone fire pit. So I did buy this one and I do in fact like it very much.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Fire Pit with Stars and Moons - Starfire Direct
I have always loved celestial scenes.

So then I start to clear the spot where someone before me, had decided this area should go. There is a half circle of rocks in this space and so we have to clear it out of all the current overgrowth.

The now overgrown area where someone once started a fire pit.
Cleared of leaves, brush and grass

So with M2s help we started to clear away the space. It was a bit of work but we liked being outside and of course chasing Baby K who has decided she needs to be outside at all times. M2 loves to cut down the brush and Baby K loves to “help”. She tried raking but decided cutting was more her thing. Of course the tool is as big as she is so she could not actually lift it up. She decided instead to yell at it until she got bored and started to play with the worm Gramma found.

Spreading the dirt around because, well I am not really sure why.
The worm I found that Baby K lost interest in and M2 only wanted to hold with a glove on. Silly girls.

Tomorrow I will go and get some landscaping rock and spread it out to make an area to put the pit on top of. I will bring some larger rocks from the river and put them on the outer edge of the gravel to make it more ring looking. I am hoping it comes out all right but regardless it will be fun. I also have some Adirondack chairs to put together that I got super cheap at the end of one of the summer sales a few years back. Yes I really have wanted to do this for a few years now.

I also need to do some more brush work and raking. The fire pit might come in next week so I don’t have to rush the pit creation. I also have a ton of branches that I can start to bring down that we can use for fuel once it all comes together. I am super excited about this for some odd reason but who care, I am excited and look forward to creating it in my own back yard.

Yep more pics to follow as it develops.

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