Virtual Realities

I got lucky this weekend and the case worker arranged for emergency respite for me and N. N went to Lady CJ’s house and had a blast. We have known Lady CJ for about 3 years now and she completely understood that we both needed a break. It was good for both of us. We both got to do things we wanted to do and when I picked her up today she was in a decent mood. It might not stick but its good for now.

Yesterday was my oldest niece’s birthday. My brother arranged for a Microsoft Team meeting so we could all be “together” on her birthday. It was good to see all the cousins and of course my siblings. My niece was shocked that I was a Grandmother because she knows I am the same age as her Mom. Unfortunately, her Mom showed me the usual degree of disrespect as always. She talked to everyone but me and my kids. N noticed and asked why and then I had to explain that she doesn’t like me for reasons unknown. N was indignant as was M2 but I told them to drop it, it wasn’t going anywhere and it was her loss after all she did not get to know us. The kids were furious though and inside I was pissed too but I am NOT going to ruin my niece’s day. She is special and deserves to have happiness so we gave it to her.

Afterwards we went outside for awhile to take care of some landscaping chores. The baby loves to run around outside so it takes the two older ones to watch her while I loaded all the cut down branches into the wheelbarrow. It was a good work out until the prickers got to me and started to cause a rash. No it is not a long term thing but for whatever reason this bush causes a temporary reaction. It was good to get the work done and feel like I have accomplished something.

So we will see what the week brings. The kids have more video conferences and of course I have multiple conferences for work.

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