Old School Skills

Sometimes the fact that I am “older” than many of the other Mom’s of the kids my kids associate with has an advantage. Effective today the Governor said all folks have to wear something covering their mouth and nose when out in public. Enter the skill set…..sewing.

Yep I own a sewing machine and of course I know how to sew so I decided to see if I could get the kids to do it. N had to make a mask of some sort for school and M2 can use the engagement of something other than You Tube.

N cutting out the squares needed for the masks.
A final product which M2 actually sewed.

I had N cut out the squares as M2 is left handed and I do not have any left handed scissors. N cut her mask out and then sewed hers up. Unfortunately she hit a straight pin and broke the machine needle so we had to pause shortly after the above shot of her.

I hit the store this morning and got new needles so M2 could have a chance to sew. She was soooooo nervous but eventually with a lot of encouragement she did it and turned out she loved it. She wanted to know what else she could do so I had her sew two more masks for boytoy and M1. It was funny she was actually bummed when we were done so I told her we can make another mask for her bestie who practically lives at our house.

I was so grateful that both kids enjoyed it. I took video of both of them using the machine and sent it to their teachers. Their teachers were thrilled to see it. They were thrilled that the kids tried and noticed that both girls were laughing in their videos so they must have been having fun. It was a skill that is somewhat outdated but definitely helped to talk to them about what could be made by hand and even peaked their interest in maybe sewing other things.

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