The Pandemic Continues

Wow it is hard to work from home, provide daycare and home school. Can I tell you I was not cut out for this role? I am not the one who can do all this. Holy crud I am tired, oh and for the last two weekends I have worked 12 hour shifts swabbing so yep burning the candle at both ends. On top of that both girls have been acting out so no more of this nonsense. I must get my parenting back on track.

I set up a pseudo schedule for the older two. Of course this means that N will act out and rebel because she has the ability. She received two warnings and tomorrow if it happens again the consequences will be leveled. Very tired of this because it is technically day 5 of the verbal abuse and refusal to do any work is just enough. I tried talking to her, tried making some time for her to be alone with me and do some fun things and nothing has worked. On the conferences with her teachers she is all happy and child like. When she is with me she is raging and vile. I told her today, going forward I will start to video the behavior so others can see it. Now no I probably won’t do anything with it but she knows she is wrong so hopefully this will cause her to pause her nonsense.

M2 of course also rebels. She tried to tell me that the teacher said she did not have to do work. She tried to tell me she did work and of course none of it is true. I tell her if it keeps up her internet is going off and she straightens up and apologizes. She sat next to me on the couch and did her work. Yes of course she mouthed off again after a bit so I sent her to her room and then several minutes later she comes out and apologizes. Yep a lot easier to deal with her nonsense. So frustrating to have to deal with this on top of the other one doing something similar.

On top of this Baby K is being a baby. Of course she tries to cuddle constantly and has become a regular part of my web conferences each day with my boss. So much so that today when I am trying to update things, she was blowing kisses and waving to everyone. Naturally they started waving and a few blew kisses back. Yes of course I know they were aimed at my baby but I teased them and said behavior by them like this is why we have mandatory trainings like sexual harassment. Everyone laughed and of course I did know they were merely copying the baby but come on lets have some fun.

But joking and fun aside I am burned out big time. I want to cry most days in frustration because it doesn’t ever seem to stop. Fortunately, my TKD school has started doing Facebook Live classes so I can participate and blow off some steam. Of course doing moves around the baby is a bit tricky but oh well they all know I have the baby and as long as she doesn’t get hurt in my practice it will work out. The local YMCA we belong to also has courses online so I might have the kids do that to blow off steam and get their energy out in a positive way.

Oh well deep breath and off to bed I go. I can sleep in till almost 730 tomorrow so go my team. Take care all and please wash your hands and stay inside.

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