Staying Well

I am finally back home with the kids. They were happy to see me and I told them before they all run off dinner tonight was mandatory for all of us. We had time to catch up with N as she was away from us and in a few Baby K will be back home. I am grateful to be home and of course humbled by what I saw with so many pulling together to help people in need.

I told work that I would only do assignments near to my home. They were a bit miffed but understood, I mean come on I am the ONLY person in my section on health duty and one of three who volunteered at all sooooo cut me some slack. Did I mention the other two are single and living on their own, well all right then they have that going on as well. I wanted to switch and go over to data entry, it is right here but when I tried I got voted down. They said I had to stay health but on hold til a near assignment happened. Fantastic I am only a week behind on my work.

It is funny though with the schools closed and technology. The girls have web meetings with teachers and other students to talk and when they are asked why they are not at home a teacher QUICKLY interrupts and says “Their Mom sometimes travels with her job”. I had chuckle when I hear this, I mean the teachers know what is going on because I told them the kids might have to miss a conference if we are in a location where we can’t connect to the internet. I let them know this in advance so if the kids said anything odd, like both are prone to, the teachers had an explanation. But why not tell the whole class “Oh yeah M2 and N’s Mom is swabbing people’s noses who think they have COVID19” Do you think that would cause issues? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I make myself laugh.

Please don’t get me wrong I do know the seriousness of it but unnecessary fear is gripping so many people it is just sad. So for tonight just me and the kiddos. I am making their favorite meal and hopefully it will go well as we try to get into our new norm of quarantine norm.

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