OK so this blog will be a different story line all together. As I mentioned in a previous post I have a medical background and was called to help out with drive through swabbing. Today I was at an actual site doing that work.

What a drive through looks like before the cars get there.

I don’t want to talk about the procedure and the protective measures, lets talk about the people. The individuals in the car that were being tested. We saw all ages from the very young 3 years old, to the more mature 78. They were in their cars and most were wearing masks. Some looked very sick, more looked truly terrified. We looked like space aliens when we approached the cars. We had to talk through a window and could barely hear what was being said by them. I get it, it needs to be sterile but so many looked like they needed hugs. It was truly heartbreaking to see so much fear and worry.

I went back to the hotel to my kiddo and hugged her extra hard. No I did not tell her about the day or what it looked like because there is no point. I want to shield her a bit from the reality and yes she knows what I am doing but telling her how it actually goes, well no I can’t go there. We watched TV and pretended none of it happened except we know it did, she was in a strange hotel all day and I was not here with her. I reminded her about 10 times how much I loved her and sent a similar text to N even though she is at respite right now.

So tomorrow I am back at it again for another 12 hour or so shift. It will be some fun as the folks doing it are really friendly but still it is a long day when I don’t see your kids and you know they aren’t super happy about where they are. I know it is for the better good but still seeing so many families not in a good way makes it easier to remember how blessed I truly am.

Wash your hands folks.

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