Out of Classroom Learning

So late last night they told me they did not need anymore help on Jones Beach so I can come home if I want. OK not the end of the world a bit of a pain I mean it took me 4 hours to get on location and over the George Washington bridge, but if you have no idea what that debacle is, well you are lucky.

So I take the kids to the part of Jones Beach that is NOT the testing area. I take them out and on the drive out there I insist on no electronics. We talk about the signs we see such as hurricane evacuation route which of course we don’t have by us. We talk about the flowers blooming here because it it warmer down by the ocean than it is in our house. We talk about what a drawbridge is and how it works.

We get to the beach and we talk a little about what it must have looked like for Gramma (my Mom) when she was a little girl and came here with my Grandmother. We looked for shells and took bets on how cold the water is. We tried to see who could take the coolest picture which is unfair because I have a real camera and they have cell phones. We talked about why there are more shells around the seagulls and the different types of shells (based on my limited knowledge). We all grabbed a shell to take home and started the ride home.

Nope non traditional learning for sure but it was real for them and it interested them. It was hands on which they both benefit from and it was a time where we could just be and exchange thoughts without me having to “parent” so to speak. On the ride home they asked if we could come swimming there in the summer and I said I would look into it. It is a state park and there are several beaches so we should be able to with some planning.

A small escape for me from the reality of this virus and a bit of a cushion for the kids who are thrown into an awful rut because their routines are nuts. Tomorrow we will pick of Baby K and of course the insanity will start again. I will be sent to Rockland County next they told me but I am not sure when so we shall see. Oh well I will scope it out in advance and if I am not mistaken it is either the county or the county near where my Dad (Pop Pop) grew up.

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