Corona Virus Challenges

I must admit, life is rarely boring for me. I think in the midst of all the chaos that defines my usual existance suddenly, from the dark corners of my past comes my ghosts out to haunt me LOL.

OK so the COVID 19 is a serious thing and I work for the state. I have in the past worked in medical situations but that was mostly for the military. Enter the Governor’s call for volunteers. Well my boss encouraged all of us to do what we could. I volunteered for data entry. Simple, close to my house and even though it is a 12 hour shift its ok I can have someone help me get the baby from daycare. About then things started to unravel.

I get a call from my boss on a Saturday. I have worked there for 5 years and only one time got a call on a Saturday that was this past Saturday. He told me that the deputy commissioner was aware that I had medical experience and so my name was moved from the call center to the medical list. OK not great but I know about universal precautions, how to correctly wash my hands and can work in protective gear so not great but all right. Come Sunday the schools are closed, come Monday the day care is closed, come Monday night I find out my location is Jones Beach. To give you a feel for that, it is 3 hours away from my house.

Crap so I scramble to get Kaylee taken care of yes she has to go to her parents, no I don’t like it but she sure as hell is not coming with me. Yes the older ones can come with me, I am not in a quarantine area and will be in protective gear the whole time. Ugg not great but the kids are troopers. Restuarants are closed after 8 and only food is drive through so have to get a hotel with a nice area serving breakfast and where we can pick up food and bring it back. I start down there tomorrow.

Sooooo after I go to town hall to renew the dog’s license, take the dog to the vet, get the dog food, drop the dog at the sitter, drop the baby off to her parents and pick up the teens and start driving….yep going to be busy today. I am sure some folks will get up in arms about me taking the girls with me but here is my reality. My parents are mid and late 70s and the highest risk group so I am not going anywhere near them. My BFF works for the county health department, she is busier than I am. Their Godparents are military folks and like me deployed to assist in other areas. What this leaves me with is minimal options. I talked to my Mom, a nurse, and I will change and shower the second I get back. I will use better that the requirements to kill the thing while on site and of course follow all protocols. Nope it is not ideal for sure but you have to do what you have to do.

Good news, we will be by the ocean so I will definitely go and after hours we can walk on the beach since most establishments will be closed. So I will swab all day, come back do school work with the kids and then take a walk on the beach. Not awful but not great. So off I go to pack. More to come for sure.

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