Baby K learns “No”

Baby K is affectionately called Baby Shark in our house. We call her that because of her love to “chew” on my finger when she is upset. No it doesn’t hurt it is just funny as it started out when she was cutting teeth and still continues. Well the shark is very intelligent so we already know that I am in trouble LOL.

So two days ago she discovered the “word” no. When she doesn’t want something she shakes her head violently back and forth while emitting squeaks of disapproval. Everything the other day was “no”. Now I did laugh to myself, I get the phase, all kids go through it and it is manageable. It is also funny as I try to respect her wishes but of course run the house.

We were going to get ready to leave the house. N had caught her school bus and M2 was about to walk outside to catch hers. I tell the baby, we have to go soon and of course she starts shaking her head “no”. I remind her we have to so in a bit I will walk with her out to the car. She continues to shake her head as I get ready to go. I say “lets go” and still the head is shaking. I sigh, yep, I pick her up and say “sorry kiddo the answer is yes, you do have to go to daycare.” Baby K took a deep breath like she was going to screech in protest and then started laughing. OK tell me she doesn’t know what she is doing.

We get to the car and I ask if she wants milk or cheerios and she shakes her head no. I ask if she wants her dolly or phone and she shakes her head no. I say do you know how to say yes and she shakes her head no. So I laughed and said ok well since everything is no today I guess you don’t want a donut either. She stops mid shake and suddenly signs “more”. I tell ya the kid is smart and funny. Yes of course we do get a donut and then go about our morning.

She sure is a lot of fun, though I know the no phase will get old, it is cute right now.

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