Wednesday Awfulness

 Yah so about N on Wednesday night….grrr yep I called her on the fact she had stolen 2 cans of corn, 3 cans of mushrooms and 6 Go-Gurts. I reminded her that stuffing her face full of food, as she was downing the pint of ice cream, was not going to help her deal with the emotions of her family. I encouraged her to figure out one emotion she wanted to talk about and we would go from there and no “not tonight, as I am in too much pain and exhausted.” So of course that means fly off the handle. I am moving out. I am going to leave blah blah blah.

So I said, “ya know what go ahead, leave” She told me that I was ruining her life, I was the cause of her depression, I was a f*** bitch and on and on. Then she decides to call her mother and tell her mom she HAS TO go for an overnight at her (mom’s) house. Her mom has been VERY CLEAR that the answer is no and said that again while I was there and she was on the phone with her. N then raged it was all my fault I was preventing it even though her mom said “we don’t have the ability to do that”  

So then she calls her weekly respite provider and demanded that she come RIGHT NOW because she had said “many times” she could “sleep over her house”. I said that was fine, if it was said and just remind “the worker” that she said this. More rage than asked if her brother can buy her a puppy, I said no she had no job, no income and I was not willing to pay more vet bills, food bills and ride her butt to take care of it. More rage I am ruining her life. 

Well by now Baby K is a screaming sobbing mess. Baby S (who had to come over because her Mom was telling everyone she was going to kill herself) was crying and M2 who was trying to hold it all together while I dealt with all this crap fell apart. Did I mention I still have bronchitis and walking up stairs is a challenge? So yep Thursday was a hot mess for me between exhaustion and illness.

So today is Friday and N has spent the remainder of the week yelling at me and being rude. I tell her that I am done and if one more rude thing comes out of her mouth I am going to disconnect her phone plan because I was done. Tonight at dinner she is quiet and civil, darn straight kiddo I won’t put up with this anymore. As for M1 well she claims the mess Wed was an “exaggeration by the police” She doesn’t know that her friends told me she told them she had slit her wrists and her throat and that is why they called the police. I can’t say squat as I know if she finds out I know she will attack her friends and I am just grateful they keep me in the loop.

Did I mention today is also the day CPS is closing out her case? Yep I am positive she left out that she had a police escort to psych crisis on Wed. I am sure they will do nothing about the cuts and red marks on the baby’s head. I know they will do nothing even though this week the 4 child this year has died due to inadequate processes by CPS. Sigh….yep the frustration level has returned.

Oh well not focusing on the worst aspects. A friend took Baby K tonight so I can get real sleep. The new couch comes tomorrow and I am super excited (yep that’s adulting) and I have time to actually really clean the house even if it is slowly because of the illness. Good news the coughing is getting better so the meds are working and I am happy about that for sure. Once the work is done…well I will be watching the videos to memorize some dance moves for the play. I refuse to be tied to the negative…go my team!!!!

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