Back Into Routines

Well the fun of the vacation has ended boo hiss. It was a really nice time and I am shocked because usually something goes wrong, a fight breaks out, tempers flaire or the baby melts down. So when none of this happened I wondered what would happen next…I know I am paranoid.

So it turns out what would happen is that both Baby K and I have fan-freaking- huge colds. Poor Baby K is all snotty nosed and initially coughing. I felt bad because she is so little that she really can’t take anything. Thank goodness for Vicks infant rub. It worked like a charm and she got a good nights sleep last night finally. Today she is running around and being her fussy self when her nose has to be wiped. Her appetite is back and she is as active as ever so all is relatively well.

Me….ugg well I am coughing my brains out. It is not unusual for me to get bronchitis every year and the goal each time is to prevent pneumonia. I was successful the last two years so I will fight again this year. Regrettably though it means I will spend the next 6 weeks coughing. Oh well at least there is DayQuil and if it gets nuts then my doctor will give me a strong cough medicine. I figure it was better that I got this end of this then to have a bad vacation. I can handle coughing and yep there are meds that make it tolerable, kids fighting or melting down, well there is no fix for that LOL.

Of course as soon as M1 finds out I am home she is pegging me with requests. I told her no a bunch of times in two days so today she decided she needed to come over. I suspect she thought I was lying. Well joke is on you because when you arrived this afternoon, you saw first hand that I was not in fact joking. Now the good news is that when she realized that I was truly sick she actually helped out a bit. She asked what she could do and I asked her to entertain Baby K for a bit so I could rest and actually take meds which would make driving a bit unsafe. Both boytoy and M1 agreed no issues and they entertained both babies while I chilled on the couch trying not to pull muscles from coughing. I told her I was appreciative as they were leaving and they thanked me for allowing them to stay awhile and play with both kids. Sure no problem, you helped me out and gave me almost 3 hours of minimal coughing.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to play practice. I am hoping the meds I have a better effect and yes I already bought cough drops. I am not sure how good I will be at the singing but I have to get the blocking down and the dance steps so I really need to go. My friend said she will come with me too in case I have to take the stronger meds at the end of practice so that will work. No I am really not feeling unwell, its just that the coughing is ugly when it starts. The pseudo good part is that I have had this challenge every year since 2006 (thanks Iraq war chemicals) so I do know how to manage it effectively.

So onward into the next week we go. I am excited to learn the rest of the moves for the play and only partially dreading the work week ahead. Nope no issues just volume increase as I have to train a new person. I am confident it will go well and hopefully I can keep the awful germs at bay. Yep I will bring the Lysol wipes too so that my poor trainee doesn’t get sick as well. I will keep you all posted on the play and of course the kiddos.

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