Philadelphia Zoo

On a suggestion from “A” we decided to visit the zoo today. I had bought the four entrance pass for Philly and wanted to be sure we did that before we left. We used the pass for Adventure Aquarium, Please Touch Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary and today the zoo. The kids do love the zoo and Baby K went nuts over the monkeys and giraffes.

I did not know it was the first zoo so that was a fun fact for me.

The older two enjoyed the zoo as well. N is fond of cheetahs and M2 enjoys snakes. Me, well I am about the monkeys and the frogs. Yep plenty of both. This zoo also had giraffes which I had not seen up close in almost 5 years so that too was fun.

This wonderful emu followed me all around his containment as I walked around. Yep being stalked by a bird.
These beauties were in various locations throughout the zoo leaving us to wonder did they get out or do they have free range.
M2 said I can’t get one of these frogs because I would not let her get a snake. Nope no chance kiddo.

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