Eastern State Penitentiary

Sometimes I have to sneak an education in on the kids. So being a super huge reality crime freak, I love the chance to see real life locations for real world terrors. Yep I am well read on things like the mob, sooo imagine my excitement when I heard that the Eastern State Penitentiary housed Al Capone.

OK so I have to bring the kids. Funniest part was that I had to sign a waiver for Baby K. Nope not because of the violence, or the topic, or the history but well because it was an old jail and the paint was peeling and it was lead paint. The windows were broken, so there was glass. It was built in the 1700s so yep uneven flooring. Now the good news is that I carry Baby K in a backpack type device, so she was not going to touch anything, much less step on the ground.

I talked to the girls about what the place was and that it was one of the places one of the criminals I know a lot about was housed for awhile. I also used it to talk to them about prison reform. Now I am not going to start a hot button debate here, but it was more of a “do these conditions seem fair if you stole something?” Well no they don’t so that is why people fight for more fair living conditions. Would you want to be dragged down a hall with a bag over your head so you couldn’t see anything? No of course not so this is why people fought to change these conditions. Now never mind my feelings, it was more of a “if you don’t know the past you are doomed to repeat it” type moment.

Oh and I also love to take photos so here are some shots in case you too like history, landmarks or architecture.

When it was all said and done, M2 said she had a lot of fun. N said she had never heard of any of these things, from conditions in old prisons, to mobs, to gangs to what an actual cell looked like. I explained to both in simple terms what it meant and how it was a piece of history that ALL of us needed to learn from so that we can make the best decisions going forward. They did enjoy it and even though Baby K could not do much other than sing her heart out down each of the corridors because they echoed, she seemed happy too.

Soooo don’t tell them it was educational all right? It will be a secret LOL.

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