Winter Fun

We like to sled at our house. Since we live in upstate NY we have months of winter and tons of snow this is a good thing. Today we decided that it was the day we go sledding. The hill we went to today was super steep and gads of fun. Of course the down part was awesome but back up crud my legs hurt. The reason why….see below

Yep that is me pulling Baby K up the hill. Ugg after a few passes my legs hurt.

Now the good news is we all had fun. We did a few runs down the hill but between the cold and the wind we could not stay out too long. The girls had a lot of fun and tried to take turns going down the hill with the Baby. Unfortunately, Baby K did NOT want N to take her anywhere. I felt bad for her but yesterday N had a HUGE outburst and was awful to all of us sooo there are consequences to actions.

Eventually we came in and all had Chinese food for lunch. Baby K likes lo mien as it turns out. N likes General Tsao’s chicken and M2 loves lo mien. Me well I got something different, I got General Tsao’s tofu. We all shared with the Baby and she showed us what she liked best. The girls were super about sharing though…course Gramma tantrummed but hey it happens LOL.

Soo a lot of fun and now off to nap and shower…yep Baby K will nap and Gramma will shower.

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