Moments of Delight

I have taken this title from one of the blogs I read AdoptiveBlackMom. I love her blog and her most recent posts were about remembering the small delights along the way of this journey. So here are some of my moments of delight.

  • When M2 turned her head and looked at me when she heard me for the first time (she is hard of hearing).
  • Pretending to be a penguin with M1 after we watched March of the Penguins. We tried to carry a ball on our feet and move.
  • First trip to Disney when M1 saw Cinderella, her favorite princess.
  • Retiring after serving 23 years in the military.
  • M2s first steps at age 3.
  • When M2 still snuggles with me on the couch.
  • When we brought N home for the first time.
  • When N talks about her feelings instead of acting out.
  • Baby Ks laugh.
  • Baby Ks smile
  • Baby Ss smile.
  • When any of the kids or grand-kids hug me.
  • Lunches with my favorite male friend.
  • Anytime I am singing.

I think its a great idea to remember these things, just like the commercial during Superbowl about “Help Me Remember”. There are a great number of struggles in our house but there are small moments to treasure too.

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