Maximum Limit Reached

Have you ever thought, when it comes to your kids, I can’t do this anymore? The stress of their latest challenges makes you feel overwhelmed and helpless? Well that is how I now feel thanks to M1.

Yesterday a friend of M1’s sent me a screen shot of something she had posted in a Facebook private group. She thinks she is pregnant and how can she tie in the Navy graduation from boot camp and announcing the baby? No I am not supposed to see this. I am not supposed to know. I respected the privacy of the individual and will not say a word lest the rage of M1 be narrowed against her.

This is why I am done. You are struggling with one child. You have another one being cared for by family and you want a third one? You have over $2000 in debts, a car that is not insured, a suspended license, an active case with CPS and a founded child abuse report. But you in all your worldly wisdom thinks another child is a good idea. WOW I am done.

Now you might say “how are you surprised?” and yep I get that and nope I am not. I am angry, so very angry. Why on earth would you create another life when you cannot manage the one you have. You struggle with one and yet you want me to believe you can handle two just because boytoy would be home (once he graduates). What about when he deploys? How are you going to manage 2 kids then (or 3 if the court case goes ugly).

My Mom is hoping its a false positive but I am quite sure it is not. I am quite sure it was a deliberate act, done on purpose for this end. I have no sympathy or patience left for these antics. Now no I am not cutting her out but I am done helping. You want more than 1 you must learn now how to manage 1. I will fight like hell for Baby K but in the end I can only pray the courts let me keep her. The judge we have is notorious for giving kids back to birth families so who knows if this will work out well in the end.

I am not even sure what to say anymore. I am going to wait and of course bite my tongue when she finally tells me for real

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  1. so, so sad. I think you are right to set your limit. It must be awful to have to watch this unfold and not be able to save the babies, but she could have a lot of babies, and realistically, how many of them can you possibly take care of for her? I hope that baby K will be able to stay with you permanently, and that the others will be safe somehow.

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