No Way to Win

Today’s exchange with M1:

I haven’t slept all night; Baby S would only sleep in a weird position that made me hurt so I couldn’t sleep, do you think you can take her tonight?

Mom please take her

M1 I have to work and I have other kids in the house. I know it is hard but on top of all this, Baby K has a cold and not feeling well so she is all over me. You are strong enough to do this

How am I strong enough if I can’t sleep or take care of myself? Everyone asks who I have to help me and now I have no one. I’m sorry for fucking asking, I’ll never ask for your help ever again. I’m sorry fOr asking for you to help. I literally have no one now- C isn’t coming back, I’m no longer talking to A and you won’t help. I’ve never felt more lonely in my life before.

And then later tonight there was this text:

What restaurants deliver? I don’t have anything to eat

Anyone wanna get me Taco Bell?

So that is how life with M1 goes. I tell her no for one night and I have abandoned her and the rage is directed at me. For a perspective though here is the actual week:

Monday- M1 had to take Baby S to the ER and I brought her dinner. At her request I brought her Subway.

Tuesday- CPS called and had me take Baby S for the night because “Momma needs a rest” No diapers, no formula nothing just take the baby and her blanket.

Wednesday- M1 was supposed to be ready to have me drop off Baby S when I go to work. I call four times and she is not responding. I go to work at 8am, she contacts me at 8:40 and tells me she is up now. I leave work drop off the baby and go back to work. No apology, no regret and barely spoke to me as she took the baby from me. Later she posts a nasty remark on Facebook. I ask her what is up and she tells me about all the medical debt because of no insurance. I give her the names, forms, instructions and telephone numbers for the financial aid people at all the locations involved. No thanks, no appreciation.

Thursday- M1 wants me to take Baby S. I tell her no because among other things Baby K is not feeling well. The nastiness is revealed. She texts later who delivers she has no food. I go shopping and buy her 3 Celeste pizzas, 2 Lean Cuisine dinners, 4 breaded chicken patties, 2lbs of ground turkey, 2 boxes of pasta, a jar of sauce and some bananas. She posts can someone get me Taco Bell.

Never mind on top of all that, I have cared for Baby K for seven months and took Baby S for 6 1/2 weeks while she got her crap together. Yeah ok you are alone. I don’t even respond to this nonsense but crud it bugs me to no end. Entitlement, greediness, selfishness and the list of awful traits goes on. I don’t get it she was not raised this way. I never acted like this.

So for preservation of my reputation I sent the text to my family, my BFF and some of her family. Nope don’t want sympathy just know that this is how she treats me and how ungrateful she truly is for any kind of help given. If you don’t do exactly what she wants when she wants it then you are useless to her. Unbelievable.

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