The Continued Nightmare

Yesterday CPS called me and asked how things were going with M1. I told them I did not know, that I knew she was full of drama and she had been telling people she dropped the baby, she was exhausted and she was going to snap any time now. Well she told this to another person too so we both relayed this to CPS. They called M1 and she told them she was not home she was picking up M2 from school. CPS called me and asked if this was true and I said no she was home but that her house was a mess so she was not going to let them in.

They went to her door and knocked. She was home I begged her to let them in and stressed that this was not the way she wanted to go. She ignored me and eventually they left. When CPS called me I confirmed she was in fact home and not answering the door. Suddenly my phone blew up with M1 ripping me a new orifice because I told them she was home. Umm you were and you told them you were picking up M2 which you were not. M1 launched into an entire make believe story about another M and she was in fact visiting her so it was not a lie. Umm you told me they were knocking and ringing the bell, only way to know that is if you were home.

Shortly there after A called me and sent me screenshots of all the nastiness that M1 was relaying to her. A is sobbing and grief-stricken with the pain she feels around this and betraying M1. I spend time reassuring her that it was not her fault and M1 was being a miserable piece of nonsense. A tells me she is done and she wants nothing more to do with M1 because of all this heartache. I remind her she can block her and not answer her. I am tired of this crap, I am so sorry that my kid caused this wreckage to a caring person such as A.

M1 eventually takes Baby S to the hospital to be checked out. I went to see her there and they told me they were admitting her as a precaution. I get a text from M1 at 1130pm telling me that she is being discharged. I am too freaking tired to respond. Nope CPS doesn’t know this and would not find out until the next morning. I don’t have words at this point I am so far beyond done with the drama and mess. Next morning CPS calls me, do I have Baby S? Nope she was discharged last night and no one called me and so M1 has her. M1 messages, did CPS tell you that you have to keep Baby S overnight tonight? No.

CPS calls again can you take Baby S for the night? Momma just needs a night’s sleep. I had 6 weeks no sleep, full time job and three other kids do you want me to feel badly for her? I remind them I am working and cannot take anymore time off and have no one to care for Baby S during the day. They tell me that I can bring her back to M1. I can’t tell you the words I thought, they were rude. They asked when I could pick her up I said around 4:30 and they said they would check if that is all right. Um I don’t care, if it is not all right find someone else I am not taking any more time off when you know darn well I work.

M1 texts me, “I am sorry I told them I was fine with the baby.”

I am so frustrated at CPS there are no words I can use. I know they are not going to help. I know nothing will change. I understand that Baby S will actually have to be hurt before they do anything.

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  1. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine the stress this puts on your entire family. You are doing a good job–I just want to make sure you know that!

  2. so frustrating – CPS is basically asking you to solve this for them, when you’ve been telling them and telling them that she can’t handle these kids. I think my head would have exploded when they tried to tell me she just needs a little rest. It is awful that you are right, the baby will probably have to get hurt for them to do something.

    1. Yes Beth EXACTLY how I feel EXACTLY!!! Thanks for the support even though deep down I hope I am wrong about the baby getting hurt. I have no faith left and feel like at this point I should limit all exchanges with them and her.

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