Hard Knock Life- LOL

When M1 was first in my home she would watch the musical Annie non stop. It turned out, I would find out later, that she and her biological Grandmother would watch it together when she came home from preschool. She loved it to no end and every upgrade, addition and remake I made sure she had a copy of and saw as she loved it so much.

Fast forward 14 years and yes she still loves Annie. Well a local group is producing the play and so I thought, hmmm why not audition. I at first said that jokingly to M1 and she was very insistent that I try out. OK no harm in doing that so I dropped off Baby K to her and boytoy and trucked the hour away with M2 to the audition.

I have to tell you there were some AMAZING kids on stage. The adults were also quite good and I realized quickly I was out of my element. After all I have only one stage production under my belt and that was from the 1990s. Oh well we are here give it a go. I was not too worried about the singing aspect but dancing……dear heavens….I can’t dance to save my life. I am seriously dance impaired and well that won’t work.

So I found out I did not get the character I wanted and I had no hard feelings because I realized my skill level compared to those called back. It was a great time though to talk to M2 about being gracious with a loss. I explained I was of course disappointed but that the person selected was really good and clearly a better dancer than me. M2 laughed but was mad for me despite my reiteration I was not upset.

Later that night I got an email from the director. Did I want to be in the ensemble? I read the email to M2 and told her what an ensemble was an immediately replied YES. No I am not going to give up just because I am background and it would still be a lot of fun to participate. M2 was happy for me and when I told M1 she was THRILLED!!!!! I felt good accepting the part and glad I could bring some happiness to M1 to be honest. Yes she is a pain in the butt but even she deserves some happiness.

So if you want me I will be practicing my routine in the house so knock loud as I am clumsy and likely singing at the top of my voice.

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