Unfortunate Turn of Events

Today I was told by protective services that I was to return Baby S to her parents. They then told me that the safety plan was revoked and no follow up was recommended. My heart dropped and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. What do you mean not needed? Are you out of your freaking mind?!!?!?

Boytoy is scheduled to leave for Navy basic training next Monday and nothing will be in place for M1. I am not sure who thought that she can handle things on her own, she is just a child herself. CPS told me they understood I had concerns but with nothing “concrete” their hands were tied. All right so you had me care for a child for 7 weeks and you don’t think that they need help when she becomes a suddenly single parent? Am I the only one who sees the insanity of this mess? At least give her follow up supports, I am not saying don’t return Baby S.

The whole situation has me swinging between sick to my stomach, depressed as all get out or so violently angry I want to lash out at CPS personally. I know I know breathe. Its an awful feeling to know your hands are tied and the only way out of the mess is for an infant to get hurt. It should not be this way for the baby, she didn’t ask for it.

So onward we have to go. Balancing out my emotions and M2’s emotions so neither one of us goes over the edge. Providing support to M1 so that she does not close me out of the loop. Bracing myself for the backlash when she realizes she can’t do this on her own and she finds out I cannot be a long term solution to her. Ugg so much ugly in this situation.

Focus and pray that is all that I can do. Pray for safety of Baby S and sanity for myself and M2.

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