Dealing with M1 Frustrations

One of the harder things I struggle with when it comes to M1 is the fact she only contacts me when she needs something. I can text her ask how things are going and while she does answer, she makes no attempt to talk to me unless there is a need. Yesterday was pretty typical in our world.

She texts me asking when I am going to Walmart again. I let her know I am not sure and she says that she has diapers that only Walmart sells and she wants to give them back to get store credit or a refund. Sounds innocent enough but then you must know that she has a lifetime ban from Walmart. She is not allowed to enter the store because she shoplifted from there so that means someone gave her those diapers and now, she is just trying to get money for them. Dishonest, yep, par for the course absolutely. Oh, and what would I get if I did this for her, well nothing of course. I am just to do it for her. She tried to do the same thing with the diapers I ordered for her from Amazon and then she got mad that they refunded the money to me instead of giving it to her like she had hoped.

Later she tells me someone needs me to bring Baby K to get measured for a car seat. When I ask more about it, she tells me they are getting her one for free. Well all right but you don’t have custody and don’t have a need for one. Also, you work so why are you trying to get one for free? You work in a department store so use your discount to get the seat you need. I try to get more details and M1 is very vague. I end the message with “have the person call me directly” I am not playing this game, you have no need for a car seat right now and if you are looking for a free one that you are going to sell later, let me cut you off right at this moment.

Last night she tells me she needs Baby K’s social security number. I ask her why and she says she is going to file for SSI. Umm all right but you are not disabled or over 65. Also, Baby K is not disabled so why do you need it? Oh, did I mention you don’t have custody so why is it important for you to have this information? Well she gets testy with me, so I simply contact the Office of the Inspector General. Let them figure it out if it is as big a deal as I think it is. Oh, and yes, I can provide you with the information that says I have custody it is a court order out of “county” family court.

It gets frustrating at times because all I can think it, put this much effort into an honest day’s work instead of always looking for quick outs. But I know it is where she came from. I know it is how her family of origin is at times and so no doubt they are encouraging her to do this. I don’t understand myself, put all this effort into something that will help you feel better about yourself. Stop relying on government handouts when you have the ability to make a good living for yourself.

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