Another Year

Soo I rang in the new year trying to convince Baby S she needed to get to sleep. She was not really on board with the idea and it was past 12:30 when she finally decided to sleep. Oh well it is what it is and she did sleep until 5am so that was pretty good.

On a positive note I lost 25 pounds this year and it was the healthy way no worries. While I struggled with a whole bundle of health issues, in the end I came out relatively healthy. Both of my girls are making some progress in their development and life skills. And of course, my granddaughters are healthy and thriving despite their challenging starts. So there is positive in the house I just have to remember to focus on it more.

This year I have decided I need to revamp my house a bit. I let the girls know under no uncertain circumstances that what I say was what was to happen, or the internet goes off for them. They were not happy to hear that, but I am sick of the defiance. I also told them they had to help more. I will also do a better job of saying what needs to be done instead of getting mad that things aren’t done or they didn’t take the initiative. I have also started to cut off M2 when she starts arguing and encouraged N to participate in the family more and not isolate. Not sure how this will go but we shall see. I talked to both girls about getting healthy. Both have gained a bunch of weight last year and while M2 has taken some of it off, I am pretty sure that N is the one who found it. I reminded them that I too had to work on it so we can all do it together.

As for my relationship with M1, well that is to be determined. Currently she has all these fantasy plans in place without fact to back them up. Boytoy is scheduled to ship to Navy basic training on 1/22/20. Now I am not sure if he can make it through boot camp or not. I know he does not know how to swim so this can be an issue and might make basic longer for him. He then must go to 5 months of training for his job. Who knows if he will make it through? Now I do want him to be successful but M1 is going around telling everyone that in the summer they are moving out of state with the kids and that way CPS can’t bother them anymore. But she told me that I don’t have to worry about insurance because they will have Tricare on the 22d. Umm no you will not, no benefits until after boytoy graduates from basic. They are trying to get a car loan because they are going to get a housing allowance and money for the kids. Well yes you will, after basic, get a housing allowance but only if you cannot live on base. As for a stipend for the wife and kids, I have never ever heard of such a thing.

They don’t want to listen to me when I say these things. I told them the name of the Naval Liaison I talked to and got the information from as well but nope not buying it. M1 actually said to me “Well we don’t want to live on base. We want a house so will BHA cover that?” No, you can’t actually choose to not live on base if that is an option and his BHA as a new recruit may or may not be enough for a house payment monthly. I have had to pull myself away from this because I just can’t deal with the fantasy even in the face of facts. It also kills me that they are building a life plan assuming there will be success in all areas. When I asked what the back up plan is if something falls apart, they simply say “it won’t”

OK well I am educated and old and have learned a back up plan is always good. Fine don’t listen to me but then don’t expect me to pick up your pieces when you are done. I tried to warn you. I tried to explain to you, but you don’t want to listen. I cannot help you out then. As for you getting Baby K, well I wish you luck in that endeavor. I have a good lawyer and can fight you in court to keep her safe.

So, who knows what the new year will actually bring for all of us. I am hopeful it goes better than last year but if it doesn’t then at least I know I can weather it until the tough times end.

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