Christmas Day itself

I will start with a funny story, though it is only funny because it was not serious. I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. I have worked in many kitchens and can cook just about anything, as long as it is not ornate or super decorative as I am not really good with flair, just taste. So having said that…..mid morning all of the sudden my living room smelled like a million cigarettes as once. It was truly disgusting. I go into the kitchen to see black smoke pouring out of the bottom of the pot of potatoes…..yikes. I yank the pot off the stove and throw it in the sink and start the cold water. Crap I burned the potatoes.

Now being a bit aggravated with myself because “you haven’t burned anything in over 30 years get your head out of your a****” I realized that the potatoes were not in fact burned but instead the starch/water from the pot boiled over and caked the bottom of the pot. Now something must have been on the burner because when it cooled off the mixture peeled off like plastic but nope nothing burned for the meal. Go my team!!!!! I was so very relieved it was nothing more serious as potatoes are my favorite. Well the non burned ones are LOL.

Overall the day was good. It was incredibly exhausting for me with the crazy wake sleep cycle I have going and then caring of four kids. M1 and boytoy came over and were all right. They started the crap about getting Baby S coming home on Thursday after CPS gets the results from the evaluation, but it turned out they did not even have one scheduled. They were a bit rude and asked me what toys were going to be at their house versus mine since “the girls are coming home soon”. Um ok whatever, you bought it for them it can go to your house. If I bought it it stays here with me. I did feel badly though a lot of the toys they bought Baby K she wasn’t interested in because they were based off of things they liked and not Baby K’s interests. You could have asked me I would have told you but whatever you do what you feel you need to.

The other girls were really, really good and helped out tremendously throughout the dinner, clean up and meal preparations. They did what they were told quickly and kept the complaining to a minimum which is exactly what I wanted for Christmas so that was good. When everyone finally left, M2 helped me put both babies to sleep and then yes she and I went to bed as well. Glad it was over but glad no wars broke out so overall a good family holiday.

No not the scene from a break in and robbery, my living room floor after gift opening.

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