Actual Facebook Exchanges

M1 posted this: I’ve got a question for my Facebook friends and family, do y’all think I’m mentally unstable?

  • Ughhhh no why would u think that
  • ….not at all! I haven’t talked to you since my sophomore year of high school but I know you’ve always done the absolute best given your situations.
  • I’ve been friends with you for a long time and don’t think you are
  • Your an amazing mother, you love your family, your definitely not unstable.
  • I strongly feel that you a very stable person
  • It runs in the family lol   No you are very stable.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead. You crack me up. No that’s you dad. Your a very strong women. Were built for shit most can’t even imagine going threw. You a bad bitch. Not mentally unstable
  • Everyone has some kind of crazyness in them specially this family lol. But in all seriousness to me u r a great mom “M1” u r always putting ur kids first.
  • I don’t know you enough for an opinion..So, my opinion is no opinion…

OK so this is the actual copy and paste from M1s Facebook page. I have deleted all names and links to protect all involved. the ones that are bolded are her birth family. The first is her brother in law, the second a great aunt, the third her half sister and the last her birth mother. Here is the actuality of what I deal with all the time. Now please don’t get worked up I don’t anymore but my family….well they are sooo aggravated.

I did not know it was posted until my sister contacted me and let me know something was “up” with “your daughter.” Yea well she was being an awesome Mom so she had to post. Not sure what that means actually but again I looked at who said what and laughed to myself. Most of the comments are from her friends who are almost as unstable as she is. Most have not known her for more that two years because she can’t keep friends. Her family that commented….well they don’t know that I actually have both kids because she won’t tell them.

If I pay too much mind to it, I tend to get furious. I tend to get indignant that she is a “good mom” and “loves her family”. I mean both are true as long as it is convenient for her to have the kids, someone is looking at her when she has the kids and if she needs something from me. So yep best not to spend too much time thinking about her posts and what she is convinced she is. The saddest part is that her birth mom is the EXACT same way so maybe she has desensitized me all these years having to deal with her, who knows.

The bright light in all of this is that after all these years others can finally see what I have been saying about M1 and her lies and delusions. Now in living color is the reason why I said those things all those years and despite most folks feeling like I exaggerated they can clearly see the accuracy of my statements all these years.

So now I am sitting next to Baby K and getting lots of “kisses” I do love her when she is in snuggle bug mode and of course love my ‘kisses”. Honestly I will take it, its moments like this that make the nonsense loose its impact. The kisses are Baby K’s super power for sure LOL

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