I know lately I have been complaining and venting a lot so I wanted to be sure to remember during the season of giving how truly blessed I actually am because yes it is hard to remember.

Yesterday A sent me a message “I noticed you had a cold. Why don’t you let me take Baby S for a couple of days. Pick her up on Wed so you can get some sleep. Also if you want I can take Baby K and Baby S on Saturday so you can wrap or shop whatever you need to do.” Honestly I started to cry. Yes I am overwhelmed. Yes I am sick and OMG you care. Such a thoughtful and generous offer without me asking anything. There were not words for how thankful I was as I said “yes please and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

I also had a meeting with N’s case worker. Shortly after I signed the annual papers I get a call from the respite worker. “Hey just remember N is coming to me this weekend. Have a good week and see you Friday.” You are kidding right, I have a Saturday with only one child!!!! I have an almost full day to myself to do whatever, holy crud I am blessed. I can wrap, I can go to the movie I wanted to see (Cats) and even nap!!!!

So yes I am stressed but so very grateful to all the folks who help me out when I ask and even when I don’t ask. Saturday will be fantastic and I might even go wild and go back to bed after dropping the babies off!! Yes of course I will also wrap presents and maybe bake some of my famous cookies to share with the generous women who are helping me manage during this difficult time.

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