Tonight’s Message Exchange

Me: Are you home? I left a bag hanging on your door

We got it thank you. Do you happen to have the baby’s first Christmas stocking?

Me: No we looked through all our stuff too

Mhmm.. ok hopefully I can find it, thank you.

What are you doing for M2’s birthday And I was wondering if we could take Baby S and Baby K for a couple hours one night this week to take them to Albany to see the lights at Washington Park

Me: Let me see what is going on this week. I feel like we have something but I am not sure what.

OkAnd Baby S has a doctors appointment on M2’s birthday at 320 so that is why I was asking what you were doing that day

Me: Oh ok not sure yet

Oh and “boytoy” and I are getting a lawyer and we are going to try to fight CPS

Me: Ok

Seems innocent enough right? Well last night M1 was told “repeatedly’ that she cannot be alone with Baby S. I thought she had been told so I asked A and she confirmed it was said “several times.” OK so I screen shot the conversation and send it to the case worker. I then send an email to my lawyer explaining that they are under investigation and aren’t allowed to have the baby unsupervised. I know the judge said share time and make time for the parents but there might be a safety issue and CPS won’t say how to proceed. What would you recommend from a legal perspective as I don’t want to get in trouble with the court should they protest.

I had faith that she only texted and asked because I was not there so I would not know that this was said. My Mom and my BFF however think she was being deliberately manipulative, hoping I would give her the girls and then I would get in trouble because we were specifically told she was not to take them unsupervised.

Parenting is tough….trouble kids are tougher. Good news is that both babies are safe and for now thriving.

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