Nightmare Thursday

I am at work Thursday morning when my cell phone rings and it is protective services. “Do you know what happened last night with your daughter and her family?” My heart sunk and I wanted to throw up. I had picked Baby K up at 10:10pm after the Mannheim Steamroller concert the previous evening and nothing seemed amiss. No I had no idea what happened, are they all right?

Apparently there was a domestic issue and M1 pushed boytoy over holding Baby S the “wrong way”. Police got involved, CPS got involved, and eventually of course I would have to get involved. The two then spent the next day deliberately avoiding their home and being where no one could reach them. Throughout the day I would learn that the “safety plan” CPS had set up with the two of them was not even close to being followed. The worker was pissed and trying to find them, he called me a bunch of times asking if I knew their locations.

Eventually I track them down and tell them they need to get home CPS is waiting for them. The decided an hour later to go home. Now it is 6:30pm at night and CPS is less than happy with them. When I tried to explain to M1 that you cannot fool around with these things she replied “Yeah they told me they were coming out today and I told them we are out all day so come tomorrow.” You are kidding right….but no she was not. At 7pm the phone rings again “We need you to take your granddaughter until Sunday. Boytoy threatened to kill himself last night so we just want to give the kids a chance to cool off and maybe get some sleep.” I call my friend to watch Baby K and go to get Baby S after stressing the longest I can keep her is Monday.

I get to the apartment to find out that they were fighting and of course, boytoy said he would kill himself. M1 is telling CPS how her anxiety is getting the best of her and that she “forgot” about the mandated psych eval and counseling. We try to work out a plan for safety and M1 is complete arrogance and argumentative. OK whatever, I apologize and tell the worker I need to go, the baby is with a friend and it is getting late. M1 is rude and makes a snarky remark and all I can think is “you do understand your child is being removed right????” I take Baby S and head back to the house. My friend stays to get everyone settled for bed and then leaves. Thank goodness for her in all seriousness.

The next day goes fairly smoothly until the afternoon when M1 decides to start blowing up my phone telling me this is all my fault. She is saying a bunch of stuff that is untrue at best. I dispute little of it and give her facts she knows. The texts don’t stop and then the Facebook posts start. I warn my family so they know and wonder if I should block her for awhile until she calms down. She is telling me all about how I am killing her because I stated I was concerned about her having two kids under 2 and caring for them while boytoy was away at military training. I reminded her that i told her this as well and for about 2 hours the texts stop, but then they start again. I let most of them go unanswered, no point in engaging. You are clearly demonstrating that you are unstable, have a good day.

CPS calls again and asks if I can keep Baby S until Monday night they want to get the psych eval from the hospital because boytoy pulled out a gun from his collection and threatened to kill himself in front of the baby. CPS called his sister and his sister stated he has done this before so they are not sure if either parent is stable. They ask what I think of the situation and I tell them they are putting me in an awkward position. M1 is already saying I am telling CPS that I think she is incompetent. The workers says that didn’t happen but whatever M1 thinks it did. I remind them they need to make the assessment as I am not a professional and they say they want another day so they can see if they can get through to M1 the importance of the safety plan. I hang up and laugh to myself, she will promise the world come Monday are you ready for her to blow you off again?

Boytoy messages me again, “I am working with the Supervisor to make it all right for me to babysit M1” Ummmm dude you pulled a gun, I don’t care who you are, you are not going to convince anyone right now that you are “stable” enough to watch someone else considered “unstable”. I finish my present pick up and I get a voicemail from CPS “Under no circumstances are you to give Baby S back to “the kids” on Sunday. We have NOT worked out a deal. We have NOT said they can have the child back. If they tell you this and show up at your house please call the on call CPS worker immediately and DO NOT turn over the child.” I want to cry because there is not much I can do anymore. The kids are good about helping with the two babies right now but I cannot be a long term solution and it kills me. Baby S needs to be in a safe home. Baby K needs to be kept safe. The parents desperately need psychological help.

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  1. this situation is so sad. I can only imagine how helpless you feel. At least the babies are safe and unharmed….but how many more is she going to have?

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