Thanksgiving Trials

OMG my head hurts from the screaming fit N just had. She pushed me twice, slammed my stomach and threw crap at me. All this over the freaking internet. She doesn’t want to be part of the family, she hates me she is moving out. She is calling Officer N from the school….ummm ok do that last thing because if he finds out you have shoved me several times you will be charged with assault. You were not in danger, you threatened me, I tried to remind you of your coping and bam you shove me hard. F**** my life at times…..

Well the good news is that we were having a fairly decent time before hand. I had taken the girls to the Hope Lake Lodge Resort and we had for the most part been having fun. M2 had a few outbursts of stubbornness and ungratefulness so there was that. N had a refusal to participate in some activities so there was that as well but nothing too awful just annoying as heck.

The water park at the hotel we were staying at.

We then went to Destiny USA for some Black Friday shopping. We got a bunch of stuff that was fun but spent over 6 hours walking and walking and walking. Wow we walked forever it seemed but the good news is that the kids fell asleep on the two hour drive home!! It was nice to have some time with my bestie singing to the radio and being foolish basically. No Baby K was not with us as M1 requested she have her for Thanksgiving.

No that was not the worst of it, there was a whole scene at M1 and boytoys’ apartment as well. They texted me that Baby K was not eating and was fussy. She was crying when we got there and fussed all 40 minutes we stayed there trying to help them set up a tree. Baby K came right into my arms and clung to me like it was her job. We got her home and she snuggled right into me and eventually fell asleep. She was exhausted as she had not gotten to bed before 1am with her parents. Yikes the poor kid was sooooo tired. They claimed they did “everything that you do” but she refused to fall asleep. Whatever she was out by 9:25pm with me.

So my head hurts and my stomach is killing me. I hate the stress of the family events and the trauma it brings for my kids. Again I am brought back to the meme that says “I am the kind of tired that sleep won’t fix.”

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