Grandbaby 2

Granddaughter 2, Baby S came into the world almost two weeks ago. Her Mom was creating a HUGE freaking scene both inside and outside of the hospital. She probably should not have done that…the hospital hotlined her and Baby S was not initially allowed home. CPS was absolutely unprofessional with me on this one. They called Friday told me they would stop by Saturday. I waited all day Saturday no one showed. finally on Sunday they call and finally come to the house. On Tuesday they called me 6 times trying to bully me into taking M1 and the baby into my home. I explained over and over that she is abusive to her sisters and no I could not for their sake do it. They continued to pressure and pressure but I hated standing fast but no she cannot come home. If you think she is that mentally unstable you figure it out.

They said she has to get a mental health exam. She has not done anything about that at all. She did end up moving to a different apartment, it will cost more than her current place and has nothing included. I am guessing she will be kicked out for non payment of rent within two months. She has not paid her car insurance and was supposed to turn in her plates. She got a letter stating that if she doesn’t do it by Wednesday she will have her license suspended indefinitely. Additionally they owe $501 to another insurance company sooooo debt is something they are now living in and not trying to pay it back. Not sure how long they think they can skate. It is so upsetting but I cannot engage, I have two at home and the baby. I am trying to get them services so that needs to take priority.

Now the kids are doing all right despite the freaking mess their sister is in. Baby K is striving and becoming quite the little handful (in a good way). While both girls have gotten into trouble at school recently, they seemed to realize that this cannot continue and have started to focus on what they are supposed to be doing. I wonder sometimes if the crap M1 is pulling triggers them because they here me trying to talk to her and make sense of things. Not sure but seems plausible so I will go with it. Certainly they cannot tell me this but given how the events unfolded I would have to say there is a correlation.

As for me, well I am falling apart, sort of. Two weeks ago, menopause was over for me. Well this of course is not good and not to get graphic but it was significant enough that I required medical intervention. They did ultrasounds and turns out that I have issues with the uterus itself and cysts on both ovaries. Fantastic, it means that I have to have a biopsy because of course we have a history of uterine cancer. My Mom had it last summer so putting off or ignoring it might not be in my best interest. No I am not stressing too much over it. I mean if there is a problem just pull it out, not using it anyway. Oh well not much I can do but hope and pray. Yes I have talked to my church family and of course my family so I have tons of support regardless of the outcomes.

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    1. She is currently with M1 but a friend is staying with her to watch her and keep the baby safe. I am not sure they will remove the baby if she does not get the mental health evaluation so we shall see.

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