Another Week Down

I was always told don’t wish your life away wanting it to be the next day or next week. Well I did not follow this advise this week and waited and waited for the week to be over. Now don’t get me wrong the baby’s birthday was wonderful but then the rest of the week sort of went down hill.

I had to take the baby to her first year shots and her parents were not present. They checked out on Tuesday and told me that they were not coming. M1 got all upset when I asked why she wasn’t coming. She got aggravated and snapped at me “I thought you were going to take care of it.” Umm yes but she is still your child so you might do something for her with me but no that would not be the case. So off I went to the appointment by myself and spoke to the pediatrician openly and honestly about concerns and thoughts I had about the baby.

Next day M1 texts me that she has pre-eclampsia and is going to the hospital. Later she tells me that they are going to keep her overnight. Now I don’t know what is truth and what are lies but if they are keeping you overnight you should probably play by the rules. She asks me if I got baby K her costume and I said yes so she said that was good she was going to send boytoy to pick her up tomorrow as previously planned to go trick treating. I tried to encourage her to cancel the plan and she refused to listen. I am so tired of trying to talk reason to her.

Later she texts me that she will be moving this weekend to either of the two expensive apartments. She says she is going to get $3000 this weekend so they can move in. Now here is the catch, there is no where to get that money. Also you have to apply to be at these places and on top of that one place already said no and the other said there would be special requirements for them. I ask her about these facts and she tells me that boytoy is at the library now getting proof they can afford “3 times the rent” Ok there is no way this is possible. She is not working and he doesn’t work enough to make that kind of money. When I point this out she tells me she will start at Target on Sunday and daycare on Monday. Yes you read that right, she has a child abuse charge and they hired her anyway.

A little bit later she tells me that they are going to induce her on Wednesday when she hits the 37 week mark. All right so be it again not arguing I am not a doctor and even though you have some high blood pressure, it is not off the charts and you are under a bunch of stress. I ask when the baby will be dropped off and she says around 8:30pm. OK so be it not going to engage as I don’t have the energy to do so anymore. The next morning she texts me asking me for $3000. I told her I don’t have that kind of money and she tells me they will pay me back as they will both be working next week. I still don’t have $3000 laying around and so she apologizes and proceeds to shut me out for the rest of the day.

Boytoy picks the baby up and takes her trick or treating at the hospital. They text me at 7 saying they are coming to drop her off and I let them know we are not home. I remind them they said 8:30 and they get aggravated because the baby threw up and now they want to send her back because “I can’t deal with this” Umm really this is your kid and kids get sick sooooo how will you manage this long term? I tell her I will pick the baby up when we are done and we continue to eat dinner. At 8:25pm I pick up the baby. They tell me they have not fed her as she is “too sick” to eat. Baby K practically jumps into my arms and clings to my shirt. I take her home and of course she eats like a champ for me and no does not get sick.

The weekend is full of calls about going to the hospital, being discharged, not being induced and of course not starting either job. Yeah good thing I spent no money on them as I am pretty sure it would be lost for good. They called to take the baby to another event in the town and I told them she was busy. Truth is we were taking her to that party so no you can’t do it. I know small and petty but all you want to do is take her on social events, I change diapers and lose sleep for her so this is my time.

So I am glad the week was over. I have no doubt it will start again soon as M1 really needs the attention. I look forward to trick or treating with the kids and no I am not going to call the parents. They had their time on Friday.

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