Baby K Turns 1

Gramma makes sure there is plenty of glitter and sparkle until you are old enough to say I don’t want that!!
Baby K LOVES her Lil Crunchies and her Great Aunt and Uncle are happy to supply them for her.

The birthday baby woke up in her typically happy mood. I sang to her as we came down the stairs and her aunts joined in. She loved the flamingo but was not too sure about opening presents. She liked pulling the clothes out of the bag but tearing the paper doesn’t seem to be her thing. She also decided she wanted crunchies for breakfast and pitched a fit till I figured that out on my own.

So she is off today with her parents. They will come to my house for dinner and I am not sure if they got her gifts or not. Oh well she got some from us so who knows. If they remembered to get the cake they will bring that with them tonight, if they did not then there will be no cake.

But hopefully all will be well in baby world and the party will continue into the night.

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