Almost One

It is hard to believe that in two short days Baby K will be a year old. She is developing quite the little personality and of course starting with words and yikes walking. Fortunately we still have to hold her hands when she tries to move her feet but it won’t be long.

So much has happened this last year it is crazy to think a year ago I was entering the hospital with M1 because she swore up and down she HAD to be induced. Three long days and then the miracle of her entrance. I was so relieved and then so scared. She was healthy but then going home to the mess that would be her life was overwhelming. The constant stress of worrying about if she was all right. The stress of having her weekends when I had NEVER EVER cared for a child under 11 months old. All worth it no regrets, just a lot of stuff.

On Tuesday her parents are supposed to take her to do something. Today they told me they had no money for extras so I am not sure if they will still take her or not. We will have dinner here and it will be food that Baby K likes. Ready for this….Baby K LOVES kielbasa and cucumbers so that will be dinner. Yep odd as that seems she does love it and that is the requirement for your birthday dinner, food you love. Her parents ordered a cake last week so we will see what comes of that when they bring it. I offered to make one but apparently that would not suffice. Whatever I am not about fancy I am about practical.

On a continued positive note she has made a ton of gains since coming to live with us full time. She is very vocal and has a few actual words. She can crawl with really quick pace and yes has taken her first tumble down the stairs. Ugg that was awful but thankfully she was not at all hurt. She walks if you hold her hands and is trying to pull herself up onto things occasionally. She is also starting the whole mimicking thing which is hilarious. When I say “shh shh shh” she says to me “sss ssss sss” it is adorable to hear.

For sure I am blessed to have her with me now. I try to focus on getting her where she needs to be and of course not being snarky to her mother. It is super hard at times no doubt but of course she is totally worth it!!

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