An Unexpected Story

I will start by saying I cried when it happened so you might want to get a tissue.

We went out to dinner last night, myself, M2, N and Baby K. The place knows us and inevitably when we go there we see people we know. It is a small Italian place but the food and staff are great. We get seated in the back and Baby K decides today is the day she will test out all her new sounds and noises. I don’t really care she is vocal but not super loud. A couple is lead to sit near us, maybe in their mid-thirties and immediately I feel bad. I thought, poor couple want a nice quiet evening out and they are seated by a super noisy baby. Oh well I can apologize later if needed.

Dinner goes as it does with Baby K eating a variety of foods and throwing a variety of foods. At one point she flung something so far it almost hit the gentleman in the couple. I picked it up and apologize absolutely mortified but can’t help it didn’t know she could throw that far. N says she has to use the bathroom and I go to get Baby K out of the high chair because she has been making “poop face” and that only means one thing. N takes her out of the chair as I get the diaper bag and Baby K is saying “Mum mum mum” I laugh and say “We have been over this I am Gram mum mum.” I of course take her in my arms and then I hear someone saying “Excuse me, Gram mum mum”

I turn and it is the woman of the couple near me. She asks if she can talk to me and motions for me to come closer. I get closer assuming she will now admonish me for taking a baby to a restaurant. I take a big breath as I step closer. The conversation unfolds like this:

I just wanted to tell you that tonight is the one year anniversary of the day I lost my baby. We came out to eat to try not to feel so sad. Tonight listening to your grandbaby laugh and talk clearly loved by everyone who was with her brought me such joy. I just wanted you to know how much joy and happiness I felt remembering my own lost baby’s laughter and voice.

OK I cried, not even lying and I am not usually an emotional person. I cried and hugged her. I expressed how sorry I was for her tremendous loss and how grateful I was that my baby could bring her joy on this difficult day. I was stunned but so happy that she could find some joy and that the baby could be part of that.

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