M1 Thoughts

Here is a real conversation between me and M1. It has only been edited to remove identifying data. It starts with me and the italics is M1

OK so for her party just a few questions and I am not trying to be super nosy or anything….

Did you want me to bring “Baby K” so you guys can set up without her around?

What are you doing for plates, cups, napkins and silverware?

Are you buying a cake or making one?

What is your food plan like so far? I know people said they were bringing things.

Are you decorating and do you have the things to decorate? Do you have or do you need tape?

If you want you can bring her. I have a friend coming to help us set up. I’m going to be buying paper plates and utensils that are black and orange or Halloween themed. We are doing both. I want to buy her a nice cake that people can have and make her her own little smash cake. We are going to have hot dogs rolled in bread to look like mummies and hamburgers/ cheeseburgers that look like jack o lanterns. I have a friend that’s making a salad (macaroni) I believe. I’ve been meaning to ask if you could make apple/ pumpkin and peanut butter pie for dessert. Also I was wondering if “My BFF” could make the broccoli casserole.  “Boytoy” invited about 150-200 people. I’ll send you pictures of the food that I want to do over messenger. We are decorating and I’m looking for Halloween decorations. There will be a few babies there so I’m looking on making a little play area for the babies to play in. I’m saving $50 every paycheck (probably more) to buy decorations and party favors. I have $60 to rent the fire hall, I just need a way to make $190 more because it’s $250 total. And yes, we do need tape. Thank you.

You are going to make all those things? It is a ton of work for some of it which is why I ask. Do you have a friend that is crafty?

Did you reserve the hall already? Do/did you need event insurance?

I have a bunch of Halloween decorations if you want to use some to save some money. I can get you the tape, Rite Aid is having a huge sale and I can get extra for cheap.

Oh PS where are you working? I didn’t know you had gotten a job.

I have a couple friends who are helping make things. We haven’t been able to reserve the fire hall yet. It’s $250 and I only have $60 at the moment. I need to come up with $190 quickly. We don’t need event insurance at the “local fire house” so that’s why we decided to do it there. And yes, I would love to use some of your Halloween decorations to save money.

I don’t have a job yet. I applied to “child care facility” and I’m going to have my tb read today and get my fingerprints done. I’m hoping to hear back from them next week.

OK even if she got the job which surprises me that she is still working at, she will only have 1 maybe 2 paychecks by 10/26/19 the date of the party. She does not know for fact she has the job and when they run the prints she will show up as having a misdemeanor for petite larceny. She still has not reserved the room and yet on Facebook she has stated to everyone this is the location.

I cannot make this up and yet for years when I told people this is what was happening they looked at me like I had six heads. Why? Well to hear her talk about all this stuff you would not know that there is a serious lack of planning involved. I tried to prompt her a few times but she said it is all under control. OK fine if that is what under control means to you I will step back. Now no worries 10/26/19 is not Baby K’s actual birthday just the day they wanted the party. I will for sure give her a little party with a cupcake she can smash to her little hearts content. I also got her a pink onesie that says “Birthday Girl” and a pink and gold tutu to go with it. Yes I will bake the cake and in the tradition of her Aunts before her it will be a little princess cake.

PS After I posted this and came home from work. M1 dropped off Baby K from their dinner at Friendly’s and sends me this message

Do you have $250 for the fire hall? And I can pay you back either when I get the job or next month? Because I’m doing the math and there’s no way we can afford to move and pay for the firehall. If not, I’ll figure out a way.

Unfortunately I had to say no. It kills me to not do it but I can’t keep fixing the things she keeps messing up and not listening to me.

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