Remembering to Celebrate

I have learned, as a parent of children with disabilities, to be happy and celebrate the small goals. It is hard sometimes because when I see young ladies at church and in the community who are clearly my kids ages doing things my kids cannot or have not yet done, it is easy to be discouraged. But that is only momentary and I have learned to be happy when they make small gains.

This past week was a bit trying as I noted before. M1 hit Facebook full force complaining that she was exhausted and “tired of parenting alone” because Baby K spend the weekend there. Where was boytoy, well working one of his two jobs to support her. I don’t feed into it there is no point it is all attention seeking. My sister on the other hand, well she lost her mind. Small victory for me. Years have gone by with me telling my family that M1 has significant mental health issues, now they can see it for themselves. I am vindicated and not upset really. I know the truth and so post away you aren’t hurting me for sure.

On Saturday M2 went to her friends house for a sleep over. My anxiety ridden teenager who insists on sticking with me like Velcro in any new situation. She went to a friends house AND spent the night there. Yes of course I called the Mom and said “call me at any hour if she is upset or anxious” but she did not!!! The next day the friend came over to our house to sleep over. Now this happens a lot, the friend staying with us but guess what?!?!? It is what a lot of teenagers do at this age and my kid can do it without parental support. OMG huge win for me. I really wondered if I would ever see this day!!!

In other news, N wanted to know if she could go trick or treating with her friend from school. Are you kidding??? She made a friend?? Sure enough my loner kid who screams about hating people on a regular basis has a friend in school she does many things with and so of course you can go just give me the Mom’s number so I know when to pick you up and drop you off. Also when confronted about the fact she did not do what I had asked her previously, she admitted she didn’t do it on purpose!!! No lies no made up garbage, just a simple “I didn’t want to so I didn’t.” OK still a wrong answer but still, taking ownership!! I was beyond thrilled at this one for sure, it make me realize how far she has come. Also she was in the young adult section picking reading books AND she was able to read it. Remember when she first came she didn’t know how to read anything really!!!

So yes things are often hard and I do struggle with feeling hopeless, but with the help of a medication adjustment and a super supportive counselor it does help me to re-align my thoughts about my kiddos. Oh and the Baby, she is doing fantastic and is actually starting to talk. She says “dawdy (doggie), titty (kitty), mum mum (Mommy), da da (daddy)” and waves and says “hi”. She can also say my first name which is odd but still she does say it and she does mean it sooooo we will work on Gramma later LOL.

2 thoughts on “Remembering to Celebrate

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  1. So glad to read of your positives.
    I often want to post on your hard posts but never know what to say. Xx

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I can imagine it is hard but please know I do have a lot of supports. A lot of times I post about the hard things so that if any of my followers are going through something similar they know they are not in this by themselves. Thank you though

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