The Fog of this Week

I have heard people say that as you get older time goes faster. At this point in my life I am shocked at how fast the time as past since I got Baby K. The rush of getting up, getting everyone ready, rushing to work, getting home, rushing for dinner, rushing to tae kwon do and finally into bed. I feel like I am in a time warp and things just keep passing by.

Now in reality they are not. The weekends are full of fun and family time. We are trying to get some semblance of routine in place and sometimes it works. I managed to get a few dinners made in advance to slow down the evening craziness. The girls are very helpful and I am learning to spell things out more clearly so I can get the assistance I need instead of the frustration I was getting due to their seeming inattentiveness.

I am tired though and sometimes feel like it is all for naught. Today for instance M1 posted a pic I took of Baby K on Friday and put it on Facebook. She said that “I cant believe my baby is already 11 months old today. She is growing up way to fast.” Umm ok you didn’t come to see her today. You didn’t call and you didn’t even ask about her when you did text me today asking for me to give you more of my stuff for your needs. I get so frustrated, I am not even sure how to respond to her anymore. I try to keep my cool but sometimes I boil over and have to give myself a time out.

Boytoy did sign into the Navy this past week. He tried to get into the Marines but his 2 shoplifting charges got in the way. He is going to be a Gunner’s Mate but won’t ship until January 22, 2020. I am not sure how M1 will handle a small infant and him being away for about 5 months. Now that time frame is if nothing goes wrong. He is not practicing his running and he still can’t swim which of course are both requirements for the Navy. Now M1 did try to wrangle me into teaching him how to swim but come on I don’t have the desire or the time. The house has to get cleaned at some point and oh yeah we were having fun at the mall.

Oh well onward I go into the next week Hopefully this week I can get through without M2 telling me what a piece of crap I am and N telling me how I don’t give a damn about anyone but myself. Yeah it is sometimes a rougher week than others I must admit. I do have an appointment with my counselor and of course just had a medication adjustment so in theory it will get better right? Yes I am going to hang tough but yikes I have to wonder.

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