Apple Picking and Court Dates

One of my most favorite pastimes in the fall is apple picking. We live in upstate NY and have a wealth of places to go to get any kind of apple you can imagine. I am a bit of an apple snob and only like certain ones. My parents playfully tease me about it and I have to agree with them that I am. So Baby K was with us on this adventure and boy was it fun!!! We got there a bit late but still had some time to get our favorites.

N loves to get into the trees to find the “best ones”. She would also climb ladders if needed to get the apples she likes best

At first Baby K was not sure what to do so she stared for awhile at the apples like…ok what do you do??? Eventually she touched one and then she tried to bite one. About midway through our trip she became possessive of the bag she was dropping apples into. She actually screeched at M2 and I when we went to lift the bag up to go to another spot in the orchard.

Good day overall and we had a lot of fun doing it. We did get cold though so we had to come in a bit early. We got cider and apple butter at the little store near the exit and headed home munching apples all the way.

She really was not sure about these apple things. Eventually she would touch them and play with the leaves
My bag don’t touch!!!

Wednesday was a mixed emotion day as the three of us headed to court. We had to go before a judge that is very pro-birth parent. Well that is good for my daughter but not so much for me. I applied for sole custody of my granddaughter and in the process it was reduced to dual legal custody and sole physical custody. The judge said we had not presented any evidence that the parents were not able to make decisions on the best interest of their child. I cringed at the thought but since I had not handed that information to my lawyer I certainly could not argue it in court. I was angry for my own reasons. I have been running a majority of the choices through the two of them but now that the court ordered me to do it I want to rebel. I know immature.

I left aggravated because I didn’t get what I wanted and yet again had to sacrifice for my daughter. I know the important thing is that I have Baby K but I am soo freaking tired of always having to compromise. Later that night I received an email from my lawyer

 Please keep a detailed contemporaneous log of when they have contact (whether it’s visits, calls, Skype, etc.) and any issues that arise during the visits. Also keep track of any issues that arise in their lives (CPS, criminal, evictions, etc.). You don’t need to update me unless/until they file a petition to have her returned to them.

If they file to have her returned, we would oppose that alleging that extraordinary circumstances exist  (ie. abandonment, unfitness, neglect, etc.) and it would be our burden to prove that. We could request a psychological evaluation of everyone if we deemed that appropriate at the time and could also obtain CPS records if necessary. The court itself will not undertake any investigation (that’s up to us).

So it is over and just beginning all at once. Boytoy was rejected from the Marines based on his 2 shoplifting charges from last year. Boytoy now says he is going to join the Navy. Unfortunately, he can’t swim so I am not sure how that will work out. Oh and they have to do another moral waiver about the convictions so who knows. They keep telling me they are going to move away and live on a base soon. I just listen and say nothing. The baby is safe from this nonsense but another is on the way and if they are still in their flea infested home….well could be issues I suppose.

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