End of Summer Fun

Our favorite fair located just a short drive away.

Go ahead try to pronounce it LOL. Welcome to our last day of summer vacation tradition known as “the fair”. Now to be clear there are many many fairs in NY and near us. We like this one the best because of its size and what it offers. The State Fair is too big and some of the other fairs are just not as interesting or cost too much for too little. OK for those who are actually curious it is pronounced scat a coke.

We all love the rides and the demolition derby. My BFF likes to work the ice cream counter and we also like to eat ice cream so everyone wins. You can buy a bracelet for unlimited rides so we each get one and take turns with someone watching the baby. Unfortunately, this year it was a bit rainy so we had to duck and cover a few times but for the derby, we were under a roof so by far the most comfortable.

6 cylinder demotion time, yes that mud flew everywhere!!!

We spent the day there enjoying really awful for you food and getting spun around until we had to stop for a bit before getting sick. Baby K loved the lights and the sounds but oddly enough slept through the demolition derby. I have no understanding of how she could do this but both shows we went to she fell asleep in my arms so there you have it, she is not really that interested. The other two laughed because they were stumped how a baby could sleep with all the noise, but I have pictures and she is out!!!

After the last rain for the evening we had to head home. It is about a 40 minute drive and the baby was done. As we go to leave they woman selling candy apples and cotton candy gave us a huge discount so we all had an apple and I had a cotton candy. Getting out of the field you park in was a hot mess but thankfully I have all wheel drive so I made it our relatively unscathed. Many folks though got stuck and had to be pulled out so that was no fun for them for sure.

Kids said it was a lot of fun and they can’t wait til next year. I feel the same way so I will look to see when it is next year and of course reserve our tickets. Happy last day of summer vacation.

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