Montreal Challenges

Ok so we are still on vacation technically but there has been a huge glitch. You see today when we were at SOSLabrynith we had N’s sweatshirt and my camera stolen. I had hoped to post a bunch of my photos but nope all gone. The staff was less then helpful and so I pulled up Google translate and wrote a letter to explain what happened and how I was not impressed with the response we got but the young lady at the desk.

Now we did have a blast at the maze and aside from carrying Baby K for an hour and a half we enjoyed doing it together. Ugg arms are still sore but oh well it was fun. We had been walking around the Port of Montreal and decided to have a bit of fun while there. The girls panicked at the site of the huge ferris wheel so we decided to not go on it which was fine with me as I hate height to begin with. We were walking till Baby K finally fell asleep and then we headed back to the condo.

The kids also enjoyed the Complex Aquatica and the fact it has a rubber bottom and is heated. We played there for three hours enjoying the water and sun, which was not too hot fortunately. We played tons of games and finally when Baby K was starting to get “itchy face” (read rubbing her eyes) we had to leave. I would recommend it for sure as it has a swimming lane area and also a splash part for the youngest kids. Unfortunately the splash area was quite a bit colder so Baby K was not having it.

So I am not sure what adventures await tomorrow. THe kids are getting rude with me and eachother so I am hoping some sleep will fix their attitudes. I know I know teenagers will do this but dang its frustrating. I talked to them about it and they decided to curse me out and tell me what a piece of crap I am…..Yeah gottta love this so maybe I need some sleep too.

We will see how tomorrow goes but to be honest most of me wants to go home. I am tired, Baby K is fussy and very clingy and oh yeah the two teenagers. Sigh…I think I was wrong to try to bring them here to have un but we shall see.

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