Almost to Montreal

We actually live in upstate NY so it is not uncommon to see the Canadian license plates that say Je Me Souviens. Translated it means roughly, yours to remember. Hopefully the trip we will take will be a great memory for all the right reasons.

This week we were supposed to go to court to sign the paperwork officially. Two days before court M1 and boytoy sent the judge an email that said they could not make it. M1 had a doctor appointment and boytoy was going to MEPS to enter the Marines. I was beyond aggravated with them both but bit my lip and kept it civil. Good news is that boytoy passed the entrance exam and I believe physical. Today he has the physical fitness part and if he passes he can join the Marines. I have a crap load of concerns about him being all right but I shall keep my mouth shut. He has a goal and is working it slowly and surely. I WILL NOT take that from him or be discouraging to him. I will let his Mom do that.

Meanwhile M1 is trying to get any therapist she has seen to write a note to social services to say her mental health issues make it too hard to find work. Small problem, she can’t find anyone to do that because it is untrue. She is angry and wants someone to help her out because “no one is hiring.” Umm yes they are you won’t take interview tips and have a police record which is why you are not getting hired. Oh well she won’t listen so I won’t say a word, I mean why waste my breath.

M2 and N are super excited about going to Montreal. While M2 has been there before, she was a toddler and does not remember the trip. N has never been out of the country so she is anxious but a bit excited. I have rented a condo for our stay as I want everyone to have their own space. Well everyone but Baby K and me who must share a space. I have plans for several attractions which I am sure they will like and I can’t wait to get away from it all as it were. I have made packing lists as I am getting scatter brained lately and want to be sure we have everything and don’t need to buy much when we leave. Boy babies need a lot of stuff…..yikes I had forgotten about that LOL

So soon we will be off. I am worried and excited. I will be sure to take photos of our vacation and post when we return.

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  1. Oh my do I love Montreal! I took Hope a few years ago; it was lovely. The archeological-history museum is fantastic, and we went to watch an IMAX in French with English subtitles. I found the people to be nice, though a bit more rigid about the language than the actual French! Such yummy coffee and pastries! Have a fantastic time!

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