Life on the Escalator

I have been off for a bit and I apologize because so very much has happened. In mid June M1 and boytoy got married. She had 2 aunts, my parents and me attend. He had a whole army of support. His friends were very sweet and well mannered. Even his Mom avoided drinking for the occasion, The lack of friend on my daughter’s side was clear but you can’t aggravate your entire birth family then ask them to come to your wedding. My siblings were not invited, my parents almost didn’t come. I had a ton of mixed emotions about that but was good and kept my mouth shut.

The next weekend boytoy graduated from high school with his diploma. I was very proud of him and told him so. I can be crazy loud when needed so when they called his name I used my definitely outside voice to cheer him. His Mom was not there, just his sister and us. He had not invited them and I did not want to ask many questions. He told everyone he was going into the Marines in July. Again I was silent, 23 years in the Army I can promise you boytoy is NOT Marine material. Don’t get me wrong the service would be awesome for him, but, and I mean no disrespect to my Army buddies, he is more Army material than Marine material.

In July it starts up…..the drama….the freaking drama. They text me to tell me they are getting evicted They have told the landlord he is joining the Marines and would be paid soon so can’t it wait. They told no end of stories and somehow managed to not get evicted. Boytoy went to the Marines and found out he had to do pull ups and run 3 miles none of which he can do. He also has to take his Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB. He has to score a 32 to be a Marine and books and school are not his thing. I have no idea if he will do well enough. The Army has the lowest ASVAB score requirement, 31 so we will see if he scores high enough. Meanwhile M1 decided she needed to find a job because DSS said they will not pay rent, they will not give her disability and without a job search record they will also not give her public assistance. The landlord gets more and more aggravated and they are on the verge of eviction, they have no more SNAP benefits and of course Baby K to provide for. Both get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do but since neither listens to any advice given we have to sit back and watch the train wreck itself.

I remind them I offered to take custody of Baby K. I offer it gently as a reminder and they said they would consider it. Four days later they are meeting with me in my lawyer’s office signing custody to me. Its a happy and sad day. I don’t have to worry about Baby K’s safety anymore but watching the pattern of her birth mother just rips me up inside. Baby K is an easy baby and has a sweet nature. I love her to pieces but remember my “baby” is 14 so it has been a really long time since I have done this. We talk about when and where they will visit with her. I am not mad at them so I told them they can take her for the day if they want to. As the month progresses, their contact is minimal. They see her a few times, talk to her for a minute or so then go back on their phones. I don’t understand how this beautiful little bundle of sweetness is not more important than your freaking electronic devices!!!

I get daycare, physicals and related appointments completed and all is a go. Baby K is delayed but making up strides. She is underweight but now improving steadily. She was 9 months old wearing 6 month clothing. Now she is 10 months wearing 9 month clothing. She is talking A LOT and trying to crawl and pull herself up. The girls are very good with her except when there is a poopy diaper or she cries for more than a few minutes.

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  1. You are a ROCK for your family. I’m sorry you had to take over caring for Baby K, but it sounds like it was the best option for the baby.

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